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Filling out your tax return?
What a hassle! Let Alba Office relieve you!


*Special offer not combinable with other ongoing promotions.

**if filing two tax returns in Luxembourg and country of residence. 

Filling out tax returns is often a difficult and complicated task.

Alba Office is a specialist in taxation for Luxembourg tax returns and bordering countries.

We advise you on the best strategy to adopt for tax reduction, as well as in other areas where the expertise of Alba Office can bring you significant time and cost savings.

Single, in a relationship, retired, resident, cross-border worker, self-employed or employed.

We fill out your tax return, adapting it to your profile and situation, so that you obtain a fair and, above all, advantageous taxation.

Our service includes

Step 1

Holding an informational meeting at the agency, over the phone, or through video conference with your ALBA OFFICE advisor. During this meeting, your advisor will provide/send you the list of information and documents required for the preparation of the tax return (maximum 15 minutes).

Step 2

Signing the order form (and framework contract if not previously done) and the electronic filing authorization mandate.

Step 3

Submitting/sending the necessary documents for the preparation of the tax return to ALBA OFFICE. 

Step 4

Preparation and communication to you of a draft tax return (including supporting documents) and a simulation of the tax amount to be paid/received, provided that all the requested information and documents have been received.


Consultation session (maximum 60 minutes) for analyzing the tax situation, providing optimization advice, and verifying the accuracy of the data in the file before submission to the tax authorities.

Step 5

Upon your request, ALBA OFFICE can follow up with the tax authorities to ensure the receipt of the tax return, without any impact on the processing of the return (limited to two calls).

Step 6

Upon your request, ALBA OFFICE can hold a phone or video conference meeting with your advisor to analyze the tax assessment you have received from the Tax Administration (up to 30 minutes).


Recommend a new client to us and both of you will receive a surprise

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AlbaOffice is at your service for all your administrative procedures

We do it for you

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