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Your patients need you,
your documents need us

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Your administrative assistant

Looking for
an administrative assistant?


We simplify your life.
Get your own highly skilled assistant.

Count on us and ensure your success.

Multiply your customers' satisfaction and divide your administrative tasks.

Our team of professionals is ready to assist you.

Economical and tailor-made to your needs

and flexible

and liberating

Focus on your talent, and you will be a winner.

VS Paperwork


Time is money, use yours wisely!

Personal development
VS Personnel management


Keep your free time for what truly matters and leave the rest to your new assistant.

Hobbies VS Work

We can
assist you with:

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Managing incoming and outgoing phone calls

Preparing documents for accounting and organizing files

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Editing administrative documents such as contracts, agreements, invoices, and others

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Managing mail/email correspondence

Activity reporting

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Organizing and coordinating schedules.

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Organizing meetings

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Assisting with versatile tasks related to the company's environment

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Handling various requests with the Social Security Fund (CCSS) and administering contributions.

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Je les recommanderai à chaque indépendante ou petite entreprise qui doit gérer son administratif après une longue journée de travail ou la concentration n'est plus optimale.

Dans mon cas cela m'a libéré et permis de garder mon énergie pour un meilleur équilibre entre ma famille et le développement de mon business.

Cindy Alves

Beton’s Concept

AlbaOffice is at your service for all your administrative tasks.
Our motto:

We do it for you

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